To the Sky

Did this one for my dude Stevo… When Fab dropped his new tape, bro hit me and said, you gotta do this joint. Since I’m in the gym sharpening my tools anyway, I whipped something up. Now let me get to my homework… lol… real talk tho…

Climb mountains every week
So I cant forget the top
At this 24/7
So the grind never stops
Check around
Boy I’m hot
U just allowed in the kitchen
I been whipping up some work
Stick around to do the dishes
When the food gets finished
We need another meal
Sky dive to my target
Little Russell Crowe feel
Oh you thinking you on my heels
Yea Those the Gucci flops
Taking off from the snow
Thinking I’ll land in the tropics
If being high is the topic
I need two Ls
One to roll up ya lie
The other wishing you to hell
I Swear to Lord
I don’t snooze
I’m too busy winning
Spend your time
Practicing to lose
Novice beginners
Y’all such pretenders
Spend my time being real
Trying to get a lil dough
Trying to close another deal
Once you add a lil truth
Then I guess a nigga ill
Got my game from Pimp C
So I guess a nigga trill
Taking a shot of remy
Cause that’s what my niggas drink
Tipsy on brown
Something like a winner think
Light another swish
And make a wish
Fuck cancer
Had me a comet
& a Vixen
Call dancers
Come here my dear
Marvin Gaye
Where Anna
I’m trying to catch a case
Throw that pussy in the slammer
Snapchat or pic
Your lips on my dick
Be a Bad mamma jamma
And level up for the click
Lil bitch
Come here!

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