Warning (Remix) Audio

Turning 36 isn’t easy when you’re in the music industry. But just wanted to give a little “Warning”… y’all still got a COMPLETE problem on ya hands… Enjoy!!!

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Verse 1:
Who the fuck is this
Calling me at
Via facebook
Like I’m some type a chick
To make things worse
The call’s coming in private
How the hell did Zuckerburg
Every Allow this
Boy I swear the internets a cancer
Bout 3 more rings and imma answer
Maybe it was one of them dancers
That i was with last night
Living in this fast life
Party on the east
trip west
On the last flight
this that nigga Booby Gore?
The call me ?
You ain’t seen me before!
I’m a vintage descendant
Of fast cars & riches
I see you on your grind
& stacking them digits
something bout chu ain’t iight
I’m a fan of ya music
But the name ion like
(Get it off ya chest)
Don’t Take this as a threat
You should get a vest
Boy I’m at cha head
ya family is next
What The fuck?

Verse 2:
hang up the call
Hit ? from the trap
War is on
These Niggas is tripping
Get strapped
Said he don’t like my name
It empowers the youth
Give life to the streets
And exposes the truth
I’m on the next flight out
See a threat
Gon shoot
Cause if a nigga hate me
Then we hate him too
Not a fan of
Same kind crime
In nan one of my lines
Five points of a star
Won’t stop nan one of our shine
Mossberg as a pump
Automatic machines
For any nigga that jump
2 Glock 17s
200 round drums
Cabela gun scopes
Eating beef before it comes
25 hand guns
For revolving problems
22s to the knee
Like God don called ja
I Don’t like doing math
But I swear I’ll solve it
Take ya levee off ya dome
Like a saint
From New Orleans
Ya heard me?

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