The Drako Effect



 This record proves that when things are organic, something good is bound to birth from it. Me & Drako was just chilling in his spot & we got to talking about music. Eventually, I hit him with the question, “You wanna knock out a song right now?” One hour after answer my question, me & Drako has successfully written & recorded this record. Let us know what y’all think!

Verse 1:
16th raised a monster
Now y’all gotta deal with it
Went and got educated
Nothing but a Spartans spirit
Killing messengers
Then turn and give it
Gotta take a little from you peters
To put a few digits
In my pan
Listen man
You should
If you can
Cause I’m only saving the souls
Of those
Who came to advance
Agendas better than
Regular 9-5s
Cause unless
We enterprise
How we expect to survive
Oh he holding
Got a few bricks
Ya Stomach on empty
So you thinking of he a lick
Hit him
Get away
Got a few
Pair of kicks
Flipped a new whip
Even got a new bitches
Rico road right up beside em
And put Lil Calvin’s brains
Right beside of her

Verse 2:
Standing on my freedom
Won’t fall for anything
Clothe of Huey & Fred
Since we Raised off of king
Call this nigga Malcolm Garvey
I’m exactly what I seem
Fully armed
With a halo
Im A monster
Bout the peso
I stay high
Up there with faybo
Ship the broccoli
By the case loads
Never need to
Touch a gun
But they’ll Knock ya down
If I say so
Your carrying 16
But I revive
With a Draco

Verse 3: (Drako)
I’m all about my meatloaf
You can catch me on the lay low
Ain’t got time for fake Nigga in cheap clothes
Or pretty bitches ill pass on you weak hoes

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