The Bobby Gore Chronicles Episode 6

Pyrex |ˈpīˌreks|
noun [ usu. as modifier ] trademark
a hard, heat-resistant type of glass, typically used for ovenware: a set of Pyrex dishes.

a particular brand of cookware that is commonly used for making crack cocaine.

whip (h)wip|
1 a strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or beating a person or for urging on an animal.
used to refer to something causing pain or acting as a stimulus to action: councils are attempting to find new sites under the whip of a powerful agency.
2 a thing or person resembling a whip in form or function: a licorice whip.
a utensil such as a whisk or an eggbeater for beating cream, eggs, or other food.
a slender, unbranched shoot or plant.
short for whipper-in.
short for whip antenna.
[ with modifier ] N. Amer. a scythe for cutting specified crops: a grass whip.
a rope-and-pulley hoisting apparatus.
3 an official of a political party appointed to maintain discipline among its members in Congress or Parliament, especially so as to ensure attendance and voting in debates.
Brit. a written notice from a political party official requesting attendance for voting.
(the whip) Brit. party membership of a Member of Parliament or other elected body: he asked for the whip to be withdrawn from them.
4 a dessert consisting of cream or eggs beaten into a light fluffy mass with fruit, chocolate, or other ingredients.
5 [ in sing. ] a violent striking or beating movement.
[ in sing. ] in metaphorical use referring to something that acts as a stimulus to work or action: the governor cracked the whip in the city.
verb (whips, whipping, whipped) [ with obj. ]
1 beat (a person or animal) with a whip or similar instrument, especially as a punishment or to urge them on.
(of a flexible object or rain or wind) strike or beat violently: the wind whipped their faces | [ no obj. ] : ferns and brambles whipped at him.
beat (cream, eggs, or other food) into a froth.
informal (of a player or team) defeat (a person or team) heavily in a sporting contest.
2 [ no obj. ] move fast or suddenly in a specified direction: I whipped around the corner.
[ with obj. ] take out or move (something) fast or suddenly: he whipped out his revolver and shot him.
3 bind (something) with spirally wound twine.
sew or gather (something) with overcast stitches.

pack |pak|
a term used to describe multiple pounds of any street drug, especially marijuana. Five pounds of marijuana equals a 5 pack.

trap |trap|
The area where drug deals are carried out

re-up |ˈrēˌəpˈriˌʌp|
verb (re-ups, re-upping, re-upped) [ no obj. ] informal
re-enlist: he never regretted re-upping during the war.
renew an arrangement, such as an employment contract or membership agreement:
usually said by drug dealers, or people who are really into a particular drug. when they are running low they “re-up” the stash.

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