Ten Track Commandments Video


Ten Track Commandments

1. Feeling
2. Substance
3. Build Trust
4. Paint a picture
5. Transparency
6. Move in silence
7. God, Family, Music
8. For the people
9. Protection
10. Sale records

The first video from the project THC – The Holy Cassette Volume One

We all know what the acronym THC stands for in smokers terms, but in this case, THC stands for “The Holy Cassette”. The THC series will consist of five, sixteen track mix tapes over some of your favorite industry beats throughout history. Considering that we all are standing on the shoulders of giants, the THC series will also be my way to pay back the fore founders of this thing called #hiphop

With that said, check out The Holy Cassette Volume One. And please share and comment. Your feedback is indeed taken into consideration…

1 Soul Clap (Remix)
2 Out Here (Remix)
3 To the Sky (Remix)
4 OOOUUU (Remix)
5 Ridah (Remix)
6 Shook Ones (Remix)
7 Ms Phat Booty (Remix)
8 Used to Know (Remix)
9 21 Questions (Remix)
10 Ten Track Commandments (Remix)
11 BBHMM (Remix)
12 Hot Boyz (Remix)
13 So Gone (Remix)
14 Believe Me (Remix)
15 Who Shot Ya (Remix)
16 Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto (Remix)

#soundcloud https://goo.gl/34UaAu
#bandcamp https://goo.gl/IUv3bl
#datpiff https://goo.gl/9nswk5
#reverbnation https://goo.gl/gQ54ch
#getrightmusic https://goo.gl/vMt08d
#audiomack https://goo.gl/nM5UGV
#mixtapefactory https://goo.gl/DYBFzh

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