Streets Ain’t Safe No Mo (Audio)


then… imma keep hitting y’all ass upside the head until you realize I’m even or better than your favorite ‍♂️ #streetsaintsafenomore #sasnm ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Verse 1:
Bad side of the city
Raised by the beast
Man it hard out here
Put a little crown me
Put up inside a zoo
That’s how they handle you
Hunnit inside my gear
Put a man down over shoes
Ten toes down
Like a cleet
Go Cho friends
Designed for the go
Bout to put
The terminator down
Not too pretty
Concerned by the gun
Got to lay
Shit down as a king
If you don’t
Put this down for a thing
You Can’t waste
no time
On a nigga
Go stack you money now
On these niggas

Verse 2:
Look into the eyes
of a killer
Please don’t try
That nigga
Boy don’t try
That nigga
Put you in the fire
Lil nigga
Please don’t follow me
Please don’t bother me
Trying to get down
on a nigga
Well imma get down
On the nigga
Any other time
When I’m sicker
Fuck around
And put a whole lot of money
On a nigga
Money is time
My nigga
& I got both
My nigga
Meet me on the side
of the building
You’ll find
2,3,4,5 little hittas
& Putem on salary
Cause that’s the way it gotta be

Verse 3:
I ain’t trying to teach
Nigga ain’t come to preach
Put a lil shine on you
Add a Lil time on u
I’m just a man
Trying to be a king
Put a lil crown on you
Place a lil crown me
Niggas gonna hate
Do it to ya face
Let em know
It’s a marathon
You running your own pace
We ain’t come to play
But the story is
all the same
Niggas fun fucked up the game
Better find you another lane

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