So Gone Challenge

I’m so far gone
Imma do right
And kill everything
Starting with commitment
Then next ya wedding ring
No Kay’s or Jareds
You won’t find one demerit
in them carrots
Them Tricks are for the rabbits
I freed them lil habits
Upgraded ya standards
You thinking apartments
I’m thinking of a palace
I’m looking for a thrill
A place that we can chill
Away from everybody
Where the view is kinda ill
But Before I fall head over hills
Gimme head over heels
& I’ll touch ya soul
Something that you can feel
Head like a hole
So I know really it’s real
Said my inches on nine
Got me Nailing through steel
lost in heavy metal
got my strings
Like Ghepetto
You like it when I lie to you
nose blow kettles
Turn u on with the wood
I get home
Then you good
Hoping you can understand
I can get you understood
Before I’m gone!

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