For those who have heard the term “sloth” before, you probably think of physical laziness. While laziness is certainly an element of sloth, there’s more to this sin than just laziness. In Hit List, Brian Hedges defines the sin of sloth with four characteristics: (1) carelessness, (2) unwillingness to act, (3) half-hearted effort, and (4) becoming easily discouraged by any possible difficulty.1 If you weren’t sure what the sin of sloth was before, I’m certain you have a better idea now.

Verse 1:
As my thoughts
Pass thru the wind Like smoke
I dun made a lotta moves
To be ending up broke
I got a lotta shoes to fill
Still ending up short
will they take me
In these streets
or will it be courts
Left my job as a teacher
Without a pension
Cause it wasn’t a career in
Prostituting my skill
While another nigga do the pumpkin’
You niggas trippin’
Never been a fool
You think I went to school
For somebody with no future
Telling me what to do
I’m another type of man
Since a kid
Always had too much sense
sorta knew how I would live
Swear that it was not like this
I had bigger plans
But I still keep my 5 high
Like a ceiling fan
Stress peak on cypress
imma kill a man
You got that on repeat
But I ain’t feeling fam
Love giving Gina the D
But I ain’t feeling Pam
Everybody need a bridge
But ion give a damn
I just wanna be alone
Up in my zone
I ain’t thinking bout shit
Do not disturb on both my phones
& float on
& float on
& float on
Naw nigga
That ain’t a hook
That’s having taste in
what you cook
Got to replace what you took
Guessing we all got a crook
In our necks
Chasing a check
Over respect
That’s why we stressed
Whenever we test
Failing success
But Gods heavy loads
Go to the best
And you top percentile
If They the Jews
We the gentiles
That’s why they on
Want us now where near
A real penthouse
Well what now
I tell you this
Show me a nigga who ain’t even try
& I’ll show you what a failure is
All we ever need
Is the faith of a mustard seed
That them polo shirts’ll
Turn to collard greens
Cause niggas starving
But we fly
It’s hard to tell
Cause we high
The youth been
Waiting for a sign
Like a ribbon in the sky
And I got
Calligraphy raps
Too cold
Repeatedly that
10 senses
Telepathy paths
16s parallel
With a shooting star
No matter where I’m going
When you see me
They know who I are
A God or a king
And nothing in between
An educated thug
I am what you never seen
Grew with west side killers
Walked with west side robbers
Stood with west side dealers
Colder than west side barbers
Give razor linings
When I’m designing
Words that God sent
Got high wit Rosetta
message sent
In every language
Been grinding too long
Hoping you can hear the Anguish
We used to be the best of friends
But now all of y’all some strangers
In the Audi
Top let down
Bad bitch straight off the plane
Wit a zip of the Maui
Fresh from cali
And we bout to hit lake shore
& start a conversation about
What she really came for
One smooth ass nigga
she one cool ass bitch
Talked bout how all these
Cop shootings
Upholding willie lynch
And blocking our advances
Told her
I know I’m out here
taking penitentiary chances

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