Mount Olympus Greece (Remix) Audio

Been a LOT going on lately, but music will remain my tool of expression… Let me know what y’all think… #ripdayday

Standing in a pile
built by Ronald Reagan.
Trying to keep the faith
but surrounded by pagans.
These Niggas committing treason
they a bunch of traitors.
I gave them no reason
But still a bunch of haters
Produce miracles daily
Made a plate for him.
Used your talents
To choose to go & take from em
Gave Inspiring words
like a daily poem.
Jesus shuttles-worth
A nigga got a steady form.
Shoot for most things
Clearly out of arms reach
Got the game from the old heads
That’s what they all preached
Lift up to tear down
That’s what y’all teach
Handing out chitterlings
The rest y’all can keep
Move that shit around
Like a bowel
O & A I don’t know E
So U can not buy a vowel
I only got consonants
Something like a consulate
on another continent
Eating lobster
With the bombest chick.
make her legs weak
From the bombest dick
Pay her
Then send her on her way
Wit the calmest flick
(Cause I ain’t really got time)
(Baby, I’m trying to get mine)
Maybe it’s my imaginary crowd
That got a nigga name real high
All up amongst the clouds
Yea you Only See the pic in
Black & white
A bunch a cows
Infecting people like a cancer
You Really living foul
I’m an Artest like a Ron
What you bens be on?
I’ll send this palace to the moon
Once set the alarm
Carry a tech like sheed
I got my bills up
Im a king, not a prince
With a holy grail cuffed
And I’m handing out blessings
For the Goliath like stressors
Bet they all get the message
With a Goliath like weapon
People I gave my last
They Don’t even share my shit
So I guessing we all can see
Who the better one is
They Laughed in my face
But Talk shit behind my back
Boy it’s easy to catch a case
When you was birthed where it’s at
But I ain’t on that
Just stating a few facts
Man I wouldn’t be myself
If ion stab a few back
Got a Matrix full of Smiths
All hyping the same gifts
People talking 9-5s
Like we work the same shifts
Hopping mountains in my sleep
When you awake
I know you see
I used the same 24/7
You spent standing in the streets
Vengeance is the lords
Especially if Once i Afford
To gather up a choice few
And get us on one accord
So I can’t look back
A nigga only looking forward
To Bringing real back to the hood
So don’t ignore it
I say!

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