Meatloaf Lifestyle

MLG Lifestyle

Verse 1: (Jay Beazzy)
MeatLoaf Mob
MeatLoaf Gang
MeatLoaf Lifestyle
It’s A MeatLoaf Thang X2
Do You Really want that MeatLoaf
I’m talkin bout Cheddar
I ain’t talkin bout Toast
Money on the table
Watch it pile and overflow
Tryna Finesse a mf , get Smoked
Flying across the country
Making sure my assets str8
I told my Hood Imma take em to the top with me
Everybody Eats When it comes to that Broccoli
Everybody Eats When it comes to that Broccoli

Verse 2: (D. Brown)
From a 8 ball to quarter to a half c to a wholethang /
getting money /
4 ways stayed down /
never change /
holy city where im from /
meatloafgang is wat i bang/
clown ass niggas yall cant hang/
dbrown done came up /
now yo bicth want to fuck/
got her off in my turck/
now that bitch a suck duck/
now we bout to run it /
sticks out dont run up/
shoot off to the A/
thats where we playa/
side court at the hawks game/
and they plying mr james /
meatloafgang cant complain/
cant compare/
we everywhere you never there /
get yo weight up / we dont play fair

Verse 3: (Drako)
yeah it’s me bitch
Like Kyrie in the 4th
nigga it’s lit
Fresher than pilot on united plane
U smokin plain Jane
I’m smoke like Mac and Devin
Get close
Get smoked
with this Mac 11
She was hesitating
until she seen me in club
All da heavys knew me
All baddies wanted hugs
Hostes take me to the top
See the sparkles popped for us
Grab a Henny & dusse
You know we run it upppp
She was gone off the status and now she wanna fuck
Only thing that I’m chasing
is them Milwaukee bucks
Call a nigga Greek freak
Don’t give a fuck about who doubt me
Got real niggas around me
& we repping crook county
On ya head put a bounty
runnnnn it up For my family
Held me down from day one
So I gots to run it up Like I’m counting

Verse 4: (Bobby Gore)
Washing by the ton
MLG we got them ones
We got them funds
In a Lincoln’s
John Boothe I gotta gun
Man Beat got me on 10
Like a nigga Hamilton
You can Call me Andrew Jackson
Bitch I’m dubbing just for fun
Im Ulysses bout my Grants
50/50 for a cap
I Benjamin
With a Franklin
How I make them 100s stack
Make ya girl get on the track
Then I make her
Bring it back
You got the soda in the pop
But the shit I cut is crack
Hard white
Chyna bright
You can get it day or night
Make a left
exit 290
At 16th
You make a right
Yea it’s something like a jungle
All they do if shot & fight
About ways to go & take it
Weather pistol or a knife
You would if you could
But you can’t
Off the backboard
In the paint
I am alone
In my lane
Got a 6 man
Callem Wayne
Blow a meatloaf
For the pain
Fat as a bitch
She can sang
23 on a charm & a chain
I’ll make it rain
I say

Verse 5: (Trill Shawty)
Meat loaf bitch
since a shorty
so I’m meant tha ball
fake niggas showing love
had a couple set backs
never look back
fuck love
hoes get tha glove
call me ike bitch
I stay high Chitown
put me thru tha worst
I carry so much pain
so it’s time for a young nigga to gain
get this money
more money
fuck niggas acting funny
hating on me
ain’t trying see me shine
when they gone learn
something else
fuck it
bitch gang gang gang
meatloaf in this bitch
gang meatloaf
run that money up
bitch meatloaf
Bobby Gore in this bitch
holy city shit woooo!
Trill Shorty

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