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Today we release an exclusive interview with Chicago’s rising talent, Bobby Gore! The very accomplished, cerebral music tycoon started his career as a producer and made the conscious decision to transition to the role of artist. Today, he drops the mix tape, 5 God- you can listen to the titled track here. “Drake had the ’6 God’ and in the Chi everything is a “5″ so when I saw the influence of what he was doing I created my own track off the hunger games theme song and picked 27 other industry cats to go on the tape.”- Bobby Gore. Dropping today, get on the new wave of Chicago.

LAS:Bobby Gore, the name? What is the meaning?
BG: Well I am from the Westside of side of Chicago and as I was thinking of something to leave a mark, the only thing I could think of was “Bobby Gore.” The original Bobby Gore is a vice lord from the 60′s that helped bring businesses, put up real estate and a bunch of other positive things for the Westside of Chicago. And I sorta got my name off that, even though I am doing music, I want a similar path. Giving opportunities back to my neighborhood.

LAS: You go by the Spokesman for people that grew up in areas like Chicago. What’s your message as a spokesman?
BG:”Youth is the future.” Right now kids are, I won’t say out of control, they are probably are as rebellious as they have always been. They don’t have any guidance from older mentors who are talking to them in a language that they understand- that can influence them to something positive, not something negative. So that’s my spokesman campaign.

LAS: Ok, So you started your career as a producer? How did you get started in the music industry?
BG: I started back in my sophomore year in High School actually. I had my producer name, all that, even though I hadn’t touched a drum machine. I sorta knew what I wanted to do and this was what-’96, ’97? Once I got to Michigan State thats when I touched my 1st drum machine, wrote and produced “505″ and been producing from there. Producing for 10 artists from the start.

LAS: Name an outstanding musical memory?
BG: My transition to becoming an artist. Considering that I was producing for over 10 years and I hadn’t seen the success that I thought I should have necessarily as a producer. I started the spiritual transition to mastering the call of being an artist.

LAS: Could you discuss advantages and draw-backs of transitioning from producer to artist?
BG: Draw-backs: Inability to instantly recognize when I should partner with another artists or use another’s producer beat.
Advantages: Because I have been producing and engineering, I was creating a strategy to keep up with what’s current with the sound- sonically in the music business. When I’m making beats I have first dibs on those beats.

LAS: How would you describe the Chicago music scene?
While the music scene is buzzing with a lot of young talent, it still is missing a lot of togetherness that I would advocate for. And what I mean by that…because it’s so many studios, I don’t think there’s a focus to concentrate on a central area or a couple of areas to pump out a Chicago sound, Chicago hits or anything like that. I think because it’s so many studios the sound of Chicago is that mixing pot or that gumbo that allows industry reps to just come in and take and pick what they want from it.

LAS: You are pursing your 3rd Masters, correct?
BG: Yes, studying creative writing with a focus on poetry. Since I am deciding to be an artist now, I wanted to make sure that since I am going to be using my voice to represent myself and a generation like me, I wanted to make sure that I am representing the best way that I possibly could. So I decided to go back to school and get that 3rd masters.

LAS: How would you describe your sound?
BG: I make “mood” music. Music that will put you in the mood. Like 3rd quarter, 4th quarter music…What I mean by that is, most of my music is minor keys, instead of major keys. Which is typically like the happy songs. I don’t make sad songs but I usually make songs that people can connect to.

LAS: Could you give us a brief walk-through of your process for creating a song?
BG: I start with a topic, and sequence about 10-15 beats to start getting a feel for the music I am about to write. Once I have the feeling, I do all the hooks first. The hooks have to be consistent with the topics I am trying to address.Then I fill in verses. I record the songs. Once I listen, I can see where I may need a revision. I then make alterations, and after 5-7 drafts I usually have what I like.

LAS: How do you know when a song is complete?
BG: Best way I know, once I get everything mixed…the best place to test records is in the car. I will literally ride around. If the feeling of the record feels the same as it did when I first had the idea, I know it’s done.

Name your Top 3 artists…
3 Jay-Z
2 Marvin Gaye
1 Michael Jackson

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