In Love – Album Promo

To help promo the release of #chicagobull

Life is throwing me a lot right now, but I just wanted to let those that care know that I’m ok…

Surviving the storm
Weather anything
Wear my feelings
On my head
Like a true king
Heart like Neal
S on my chest
Man of steel
Segal shield
I’m Hard to kill
Whatever god has ordained
I’ll remain
Flyer than planking
On the propellers
Of a plane
After a hit of the cane
Without forcing
Riding these white forces
All the way thru my choruses
You ain’t never seen
All white
in the rain
Run thru my veins
Riding solo in rental
Gun off safety
Wish a nigga would tone
Like it’s 96
Category 5
Earth quake
If I shoot this bitch
You ain’t stored in my phone
Ion know who ya is
Talk to me, myself, &
I can get used to this
Mental bulletproof
It’s gon be hard
To get thru this
Check my background
Wayne got me
Liking coupes & shit
But now he gone
& ion know who imma share it with
So if you asking
Just know
(Pretty good)
Life was different
But it isn’t
(Pretty good )
So don’t worry
Know it’s pain in my heart
But imma still spread love
You just gotta press start
I was raised in the hood
It talk me not to talk
Imma put it in the music
Towards the light imma walk
Cause I’m in love

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