I Wonder if…

With it being Sunday, I woke up with a lot on my mind and with a prayer. Check out this freestyle and let me know what you think of this joint…

Verse 1:
Where I come from
There’s a Curse on our sons
You can die young
By hands of a gun
Got no gun shops
He’s not 18
But he’s packing
Where it come from
They said police
Place those damn things
In our alleys
While we all sleep
There ain’t no peace
So if that’s true
Who gon help us
Clean up our streets
What we do now?
Why do they hate us
Think we still slaves
We live so poor
Got no income
Look how we live
We don’t fear death
What’s this all for
I wake up every morning
& I ask myself
Why they kill Poopy
Should I blast myself
Knowing that he rapped
He dun asked for help
But you ain’t do a thing
Witcha bastard self
Can’t get em back
Can’t put it aside
Deep down inside
I Gotta deal with my pride
I gotta deal with the cries
I gotta deal with yo nieces
& and a lifetime of hurt
In yo mommas eyes

I wonder if heaven got a ghetto x4

Verse 2:
Sometimes I wonder
When we leave here
Do we got another place We can go
Cause ain’t no love here
No one fights fair
Acting like they know that
It’s a heaven on the low
But that’s not promised
That land’s sacred
We’re in hell now
Too much hatred
For my neighbor
But he’s praying
For my downfall
Or I don’t make it
I can’t take it
The other day
I saw man
Who Wanted to clean my window pane
Said for a dollar
He can make sure
I’ll never have to see
Rain Clouds again
Laid his hand out & put 5 on it
I Already got two swishers
So to make this one a proud moment
Light it up for grandad
Cause I miss’em
More than a rose
More like that oil
that stay on your clothes
Hope that he know That love you
If I never took the time to tell ya this before
Faded fragrance
End of chapter
Turn the pages
What happens after

I wonder if heaven got a ghetto x10

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