I Declare War (Remix) Audio

With the current climate in the world, it’s real easy to utilize social media to project how things are making each of us feel. However, at the end of my day, I am a musician. THIS IS my way to fight. Completing the process of releasing this record, something else woke up within me; my philanthropy is definitely about to pick up. No, I don’t need to fix everything, I’m just trying to change myself first. Let me know what y’all think…



Verse 1:
I deal like a Vegas vet
Left arm right arm
I can bang my set
Holy City representer
Birthed in debt
Bunch IOUs
That I must collect
52 cards
We gon add up to seven
I pray to one God
No offense to my brethren
But imma get a lot of us killed
on the slave side
It’s a lot of us still
Almost tricked again
By Hillary rodham & Bill
Who else you Gave us violence & jails?
Give us chittlins & tails
Worse part of the pig
So our stomachs get big
Eating the shit you did
I declare war

Verse 2:
Speaking of a pig
This for the boys in blue
I know you lynch my design
I got a problem wit chu
Everybody gotta work
Protect & serve
But not everybody got a gun
You got some nerve
To enter a community
Where you do not dwell
prejudging off skin
Helping keep up hell
It’s Murder every day
But I can not tell
If youn do ya job
Then your case fails
Not a no snitch clause
Don’t support that
When Niggas outta line
We correct our own
But you coming along
Capitalizing off purge
Wasn’t really apart of the word
I declare war

Verse 3:
Black lives matter
Black lives scattered
In every major city
In every major state
We live hella shitty
Living off of weight
Waiting on God
Waiting on the first
Waiting for the man
Waiting for the church
Waiting for a sign
Waiting for a hearse
Waiting for your face
To be placed on a shirt
Nigga that shit stupid
That’s like
Waiting on purpose
Like owning a car wash
& driving thru the dirt
Then waiting for service
Swearing u won’t hurt us
So don’t jump behind the wheel
& get to acting all nervous
You gotta drive
(I declare WAR)

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