Hot Boyz Challenge

Accepted this challenge from my guy Lord Haiti, and figured I’d give it a few bars… Gonna keep having fun with this thing we all call hip-hop.

When I was a juvenile, looked up to uncle Wayne
No jail time, Freed Turk
Bobby Gore is BG

I say,

Ain’t got time for the riddles
She said she want a thug
That can hug her in the middle
Have her feeling it like drugs
Like her head’s on a spindle
Need Someone to give her hope
& Treat her like she’s dope
But baby I break records to the dough
Like I’m a Bolt
& Jamaican me horny
Hit the line when you chilling and lonely
I’ll be waiting for you
Swimming in money
I am so on Scrooge
Hard pipe
Quick 15
14 on you
Not a one-minute man,
I’m the one understand
M&M’s for ya mouth
Catch the rest in ya hand
You can even use a mitten
Whatever you say
Either way
I’ll be sitting here smitten
Crazy for that love
Thank the man up above
To hell with all of them
All we ever need is us
I’m a hot boy
& you a hot girl
I love them freak hoes
(& she love those)

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