Hard Times

Beatzfodasoul sent me this beat and I knew I loved it, but I had absolutely no idea what to fit into this verse. Not because the words weren’t there, but there is simply too many “hard times” to document. But thanks to ma mom, I got the start needed for my verse. I was going to write a whole song, but Beatz told me Suave was hopping on this joint, so I eased up. However, once I heard his verse, sh t got real. My initial reference for my verse was no where near the caliber of Suave’s joint, so I had to let that b tch breathe until I could match bro’s energy. lol… but facts… In the meantime, in between time, this genius Max whipped up a whole song on our lacking ass. So now you have my verse and bridge, Suave’s verse, Max’s two verses, and Max spazzing on some Poor Righteous Teachers type sh t at the end. On my last trip out the VA with bro Beatz, I told him I wanted to finalize the joint with all of us on it, & this is what we came up with. Just know though, I got a whole ‘other bridge that wasn’t used, and Max got two whole ass verses that wasn’t used. So y’all may eventually hear them joints, but that’s on Beatzfodasoul. Let’s make this one a hit. Check out the full songs here:


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Hard Times
― Bobby Gore – Hard Times

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