Given This Gift

When TJ first showed me the initial piano loops for this track, it was like the rest of the beat and lyrics wrote themselves. I knew instantly that I wanted to put just one verse on this track myself cause I always thought that you all should hear Brianna’s hook one too many times. Not only this, but I knew I didn’t want another rapper on it. I wanted to set the initial tone with me verse, and then have a poet just spazz out. And this is exactly what I think Vasawa did.

I have to thank TJ and Brianna so much for being patient with me through the process of finishing this record. Their support to allow me the room to present them with more than three versions of this record, allowed it to grow to what you all hear now. I always hoped that this joint kept the initial excitement and integrity that TJ initially placed into the track. Let us know what y’all think…

Given This Gift
― Bobby Gore (Ft. Brianna Maldonado, F I X & & Vasawa) – Given This Gift

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