Flava (Remix)

Verse 1:
I think the people need to hear some flava
Straight forward
On point
Like a laser
Not somebody wearing jeans
And a Blazer
A player
That went and took the time to get it tailored
Ready for the crowd
Like a Jackson
Let that shit jam
Like traffic
Careful of ya speed
It’s a hazard
Keep thinking you a rabbit
& I bet I do some damage
Let you & that lil fox have it
So take all ya hate
& then trash it
All my sons
acting like they bastards
Crying over freedom
Cause I got this shit mastered
Sound so refreshing
I can quench ya thirst
Like a beverage
Black bottled my dusse
Just to get screw faced
Don’t care what you chase

Verse 2:
Pick the gun
Or the knife
I be killing shit all night
And it’s only logical
That I am methodical
Cause I be killing shit on sight
Long range & up close
My aim dun fucked most
Niggas start tweaking
Start thinking
They the reason
I am winning &
That they eating
Buttered up toast
Boxed like delta 88s
Ahead of my time
Bitch I’m never late
So once I pass the time
that you set
Head back to the future
In an altered Lear jet
Either way see you later
I’m after that will drayton paypa
a Nigga got too much Flava
Got my Eye on the prize
Like a raider
Ya Hater

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