First Annual Holy City Potluck & Toy Drive


Poverty has many causes. Although it is easy to point the finger at what some of the causes may be, ultimately, things may boil down to not having enough people take action to promote positive change within impoverished areas. As a tool of “positive change”, we are following up our Thanksgiving Potluck with the Christmas Potluck & Toy Drive.

Why a potluck?
Easy, the food has a higher chance of being prepared with love. It would be pretty difficult to offer someone something that you wouldn’t eat for yourself or provide for your own children.

Why a toy drive?
Another easy question. Do you remember that feeling of being able to open up that ONE gift on Christmas Eve? It is our goal to provide this same feeling for children throughout the Holy City/North Lawndale community this Chirstmas Holiday.

How can you help?
Although food will be provided by staff and close friends of the event, it would be sort of impossible to collect donations and toys from everyone. Also taking into consideration that many of you have Christmas wishlists to fulfill of your own children. Having a place to store the early donated items may become an issue as well. Therefore, the weekend of this 2017 Christmas holiday, whatever our donations total out to, we will take that ENTIRE balance and purchase toys for the young men and women who’s parents intend to have their child attend this toy drive.

With that said…
Donate WHATEVER you can to go towards the purchases of the toys for the drive. Also, on the day of the drive, you are more than welcome to bring a gift of your choosing to provide for a child.

We look forward to seeing you there,




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