Educated Thug (Freestyle)

I KNOW I am something most of you have never seen before…. and it’s cool… we’re all aliens anyway…

Verse 1:
A nigga grew up
on the block
& dodged shots
(Most y’all
chose to rot)
Paid rent with a refunds
For my new son
(When most y’all chose to shop)
Got my Money in my own stock
I Park my car on my own lot
I Wake up niggas
alarm clocks
Better over time
lebrons Watch
Flex on niggas
bomb drops
Til my heart stops
With the caps locked
rep where I’m from
Most you niggas
Ain’t been thru shit
Wonder what Authentic is
You ain’t seen shit
Til you seen the kid
They say you done shitm
Til you done a bid
Never been in
But my niggas did
And they all say
That they hated it
Look at you boy
you making it
Naw lord
Ain’t no mistaking it
Lil dough
Not quite caking it
Navient keeps on
Taking it
Baby girl
Keep on shaking it
For thepaper
with blue letters
dead presidents
On every print

Verse 2:
Remember days on CP
& them nights at Douglass
Couple fights on Ogden
got dammit I love it
Tell you man
I trust em
More than somebody
In a suit
Either way
Well tag em opps
Get the chance
You Better shoot
catch a Vick
Then you rob em
Then I went
Off to college
Had to stop it
Not gon ever beat the man
Blocking knowledge
I’ve accomplished
To accrue
More than most you dude
Could do
From a birds eye view
Leopards see (leprosy)
I’m sick as flu
4 degrees later
Up out the zoo
Niggas lying (lion)
They not rilla
Just hyenas
In ya crew
Busy laughing all the time
Always rocking pink & blue
With cha pinkys in the air
If I’m that nigga
Who are you?

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