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Bobby Gore is from the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, IL. For the past 15 years, Bobby has spent his time traveling back and fourth between Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, & Los Angeles as a music producer and engineer, songwriter & artist. Currently pursuing his third masters degree, Bobby Gore’s sole mission is to be a spokesman for all those that grew up in neighborhoods similar to his west side of Chicago roots. With a sound based in soul samples and new age synth arrangements, Bobby Gore’s sound is one that you are sure to love.

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“Chi City Hip Hop artist Bobby Gore and Jamla recording artist Add-2 radio interview and Hip Hop acapella freestyle with B Roc. Host of “4 Chi City” on UIC Radio. For more info go to”

“Last week, Chi City Hip Hop artist Bobby Gore and Jamla recording artist Add-2 came thru to 4 CHI CITY. What I find to be dope about the both of these artists, is they believe in being a voice of the people, they have much respect for the mic and their craft, and they rep the city of Chi to the fullest. In case you missed last week’s show, here’s a recap.”

““Cool flange effect! The vocals against it really draw you into this hypnotic feeling. I wasn’t expecting this to be a rap, that’s how musical it is in the very beginning. The flow is smooth and the effects blend very well with it. The one point I will make is that it still sounds a LITTLE too garage band. The raps are good and the hook is tight. All of the work and artistry that went into this can totally be heard and makes it sound excellent. If the song can’t sound decent unless it comes out of a specific set of speakers, it’s probably not going to stand the test of time. I think you’ve got something solid here and I don’t think it needs to be rerecorded or anything crazy, just like another hour or so in the mix room tweaking some elements. Really bring it up to that professional level. Good flow, good beat, good song. Definitely one for the mainstream hip-hop stations.””

““This song has a pretty good start to it. Ok I am not too sure if I am into it just quite yet. The short crisp notes are appealing. I like the vocals tones. He has a very good voice for the radio. He has taken control of my speakers. This harmony is borderline clashing. The rhythm is different but I am not sure that this is what I think this vocal needs. The tempo is alright. Good strong dynamics. This song has good strength. I would try and listen to this again. OH wait, there goes that deep beat that gives it the pulse I was looking for.””

““I like the mad tone of the artist. The beat is fun and strong. The lyrics aren’t to bad, I would listen to this song in my free time. This song definitely has potential. But I don’t think it could be the next big hit. Towards the middle I like how the artist pauses after every few words.””

““The melody of this track stands out in my mind right away. I have to say that that is very original and grabs my attention with ease. This song has a very interesting tempo and melody for a rap track. I can’t really put my finger on it, but, it almost sounds more like an electronica track than anything else. So, the raps really stand out against the musical backdrop. The synthesizers add a very interesting flavor to the track as well. I will say that I don’t think the lyrics are very original. They don’t sound very inventive.””

““The artist flow has a aggressive appearance over the instrumental. The drums in the beat has a deep punch and presence to its rhythm. The lyrics in the song sound like its about god. The vocals has a certain distorted sound to its presence as well. The chorus of the song has a soft tone.””

““The vocals in this track are very aggressive and expressive of the lyrics. The beat and percussion of this song works very well. The strings add some tension and an epic sort of attitude to the track. The effects used on the vocals are well chosen. The lyrics are very well written and the chorus though a bit drab is catchy. I think this song will stand out on the radio.””

““Pros: It has a nice electric beat, and the voice is really unique, cool, or awesome. The rap is nice, and it has a really good rhythm, and it makes the song sound a lot better. The lyrics are easy to understand, and it makes the song easier to understand. I like how there is an echo when the guy is rapping. Cons: It cusses and I hate that! It has talks badly about God, and you don’t do that! It ‘s sort of too loud. But overall I give this song a 7.””

““This song starts with a guy singing with a guitars and drums but it says some bad words some people doesn’t like bad words. This song would be perfect for “rock” persons. Amazing song for night clubs and DJ’s. And I don’t like bad words either. I recommend it to people who likes rock”.”

““For some strange reason, this song made me very hungry. I don’t know why, but this song is so catchy. The lyrics make more sense after you listen to the whole song. The song actually is able to paint a very vivid image in my head. Its very seldom that I can find a song with those abilities. For that reason, I rate this song a 10 and think it has VERY HIGH POTENTIAL.””

““The song has very good lyrics during the verses. The chorus however is not the best it could. The beat behind it compliments the topic and style of the rap that is over it. The uses of echoing however is used to a good effect nicely highlighting the last words said without taking over the whole song. The song also nicely transitions in periods. The intro sets up the song very nicely as the lyrics come in very quickly. The ending is especially good as it naturally and slowly fades away into the skit left after it. Reminding me of a lot of the songs of Good Kid Maad city by Kendrick Lamar.””

““ROB ZOMBIE IN A RAP SONG! This was my first impression of this song, no lie. Seriously though, this is a pretty ripe song, makes me feel like I am gangster or something. There are a few parts of the song that I do not really understand, but if you ever listen to rap, you learn pretty quickly that they make kind of smart sayings in their songs. There is a part in a rap song I listen to, I wont say all the words but it says “I wish a N**** would like a kitchen cabinet”, that saying is very clever to me because they are comparing what they feel to something else, I don’t know I cannot really explain how they do it or where it comes from. The lyrics all in all are pretty fresh, I could bob my head to the song. The beat is my favorite part of a song, and this one has a pretty sick beat so I love that. There are parts of this song that differentiates it from other rap songs, like the fact that it sounds like ROB ZOMBIE IN A RAP SONG!”


“Live is another one of those guys you should have heard of by now, but for some reason you probably haven’t. He’s dope, though, real dope.”

“Lennon – The Jungle Ty Kidd | July 17, 2013 | 0 Comments Produced by The Live. Project Mayhem’s Lennon likens the club scene to the jungle on the latest offering from his forthcoming project, Hindsight. It’s really a jungle out there, so allow Lennon to take you on an audio tour below. Hindsight drops July 30th. Mark your calendars.”

“ New Album: Lennon – Hindsight Ty Kidd | August 6, 2013 | 1 Comment The Mayhem Machine’s Lennon finally unleashes his first full length project, Hindsight. Lennon doesn’t play around on the mic, so his new twelve-track effort isn’t one to be missed. Tree, Tye Hill, Hero George, Xcel, Paypa, Tony Baines and many more show up to contribute. Hit the jump to stream/download.”

“ FSD Songs Of The Week 7/15/13 FSD STAFF | July 19, 2013 | 1 Comment TJ 9. Lennon “The Jungle” The Project Mayhem went for dolo on this one, and warned of the ills of the concrete jungle.”

“Mixtape: Chris Crack – D.O.P.E.”

“Video: Chris Crack f/ Lennon (of Project Mayhem) – D.O.P.E.”

“Number 16 on The 30 Best Chicago Mixtapes Of 2012”




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