My guy Stevo challenged me to do this joint after he heard what I did to that Fab “To the Sky” joint. He challenged me on a few more, but those are on the other THC’s. Let me know what y’all think!

Verse 1:
Soon as I seen lil shorty
I knew I dreamed of shorty
The type that wanna see a
Nigga clean lil shorty
Fuck around and have her
On my team lil shorty
Pimpin activated on the scene
For shorty
Stay busy
You got to
Don’t worry
I got chu
Cause we need
All the cash
We can get
Off that ass
Here what I’m saying?
This is the plan
Let’s travel this land
As woman & man
Hop on that pole
Start moving it slow
The money gone fall
So show’em some more
Buss it open
Spread it wide
Make’em feel like
They’ll feel good inside ya
I’ll be standing right there
In the back
In case a nigga
Can’t remove his pride
Imma let it ride
Like nigga
You better pay baby girl
For what she just did
Fuck is doing

Verse 2:
In & out of town
For some months now
And shorty keep coming up short
Been to the champagne room
Bout 5 times
& now she acting like I ain’t eeen know it
That’s why I ain’t trust her before
Don’t wanna slap her down to the floor
Let my other girls talk to her
Somebody get this whore

She think she made of
Like Madoff
Go head En run
you cut off
Ain’t got time
For rogue hoe’s
I Told you so
(But you did not listen)
No second chances
Girl Gon bout your business
Bobbo don’t do chases
Got Too many bitches
I’m never romantic
My hoes as my witness
Got gold for the honeys
(& Green for the riches)

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