Ambitious Rebels

I think I did this beat like four years ago now! I initially never planned on using it, but this was one of the tracks that me and Beatzfodasoul picked to re-write to earlier this year. Bro actually said he couldn’t believe I didn’t use it to begin with. But that’s what they mean by you need people around you that makes you better. With the way the beat was structured, I knew I had to say something quick and profound, so after like two or three revisions via Beatzfodasoul’s real feedback, this is what we came up with. We showed the verses to my guy Musa out in VA, and he instantly started humming melodically to the beat, in a 50 Cent kind of cadence. From there, we just had to figured out the words. Let us know what y’all think…

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Ambitious Rebels
― Bobby Gore – Ambitious Rebels

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