Ooouuu (Remix) Video

Directed by: Shot and edited by El Arab

I know this one is a bit late y’all, but I had to make sure the moment was right… I originally stalled on putting this record out because I figure Young M.A. would be back in our face with another banger by now. Shorty dope af… To officially bring the second quarter to and end, here is the third visual from the mixtape “The Holy Cassette Volume One”. Stay Tuned… The next project already getting mixed… Think I’ma do two visuals for that joint… Let me know what y’all think yo!!!



Low Key, just in case you want to follow along, here are the lyrics:

Somebody tell flex
Drop a bomb on it
I just Did the remix
To put a Bob on it
Shouts to shmoney team
Let them boys go
They Need to give it back
This is y’all flow
Gotta send a shout
To young Ma tho
She came thru in the clutch
This shit hard bro
She dun made another hit
For New York
But I do this shit
For Chicago
Yea I’m from the hood
But I’m educated
I need bout a seven
To get medicated
It took me 5 years
But I graduated
Cost a lost of tears
I’m just glad I made it
I stay to myself
Niggas hella haters
Always got they hands out
Needing hella favors
I been getting chop
Stacking hella paper
I been taking planes
Fuck a elevator
I am on the top
That’s the separator
Taking too many trips
I need a translator
You niggas
King of Diamonds
I’m an Ace of Spader
I like my chicks
Real thick
Head on respirators
Yea my bitch smart
And she super thick
I’m From another planet
She get super dick
Found another flow
I am super sick
Call me Vince McMahon
I am super rich
They don’t know what to do
I’ll pull up in a red jeep
Wearing dark blue
They said he blood
Or he cuz
Which is true?
I heard he joined
The vice lords
Back In ninety two
These other rappers lying
Always training birds
Talking bout they fly
What happened to your buzz
Heard it up and died
In the Meanwhile
Mine on a fucking rise
I been trading places
With my own self
Stash away a lotta money
For my old health
I don’t need nobody
I’m my own help
& I never waste a minute
I’m my own belt
I be everywhere
That’s my cloned self
I bet you know
Exactly how Malone felt
You been flexing hard
Trying everything
But a five
From the Chi
Get the gold ring
These niggas putting I’s
Up in loyalty
Don’t worry bout the guys
We move royally
If I send the call
Get a nigga sleep
Light work and I
Bet I pay the lawyer fees
Squares not allowed
Up in this circle
Try ya angles
And I bet boy
we will hurt chu
We was sealed tight
Since the sixth grade
I’ll die for my niggas
on my fucking grave
And I speak
For everything
On sixteenth
All them streets run
From Homan to Pulaski
Won’t know I’m from the hood
Unless you ask me
Cause These the kinda scares
Are everlasting
No matter how you try
never pass me
See that S car go
Never fasting.
This is Who Iam
Never flashy
You be kissing her in the mouth
And she nasty
Hit her once
Then gave her to my nigga K
My nigga Damo
Took her down the other day
My nigga BJ say
She hit em with the BJ
She say she love my nigga Blake
The long way
took a trip with Fox
We ain’t seen for three day
My nigga Dave
Told me that he beat her soul
My nigga Stevo
Had the chick
On the fucking road
Still calling her ya chick
My nigga you slow
Money over bitches
Is the mantra
While we ride foreigns
You in hundais
Headed for the moon
On a Tonka
& I never been a goon
I’m a monster

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